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Saturday, Aug 29, 2015

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Legislature proves again there is no simple task in a sandbox


I don’t know whether to laugh, get righteously mad, or just shake my head at how abysmally messed up the Florida Legislature has become. Then again, who says I can’t do all three?

Your home computer is now a stage for damaged, angry people

- Horror was hidden Wednesday morning like a coiled snake among the banality of typical Facebook posts. A monster wanted you to see his work, and for the unsuspecting there was really no choice.

First female graduates of Ranger School earn elite


FORT BENNING, Ga. (AP) – The first female soldiers to complete the Army’s rigorous Ranger School pinned on their black-and-gold Ranger tab at a graduation ceremony Friday, capping their history-making week ...

Retaining, hiring teachers big challenge in Hillsborough and all over


Hillsborough County began the new school year about 200 permanent teachers short of what it needs. In a school district that employs about 16,000 teachers, that doesn’t sound like a huge number.

Maybe ice cream would be better for youth sports than trophies


The question of whether kids should receive trophies for simply being on a sports team is not high on the list of things I think about. I’m not a big fan of them, to be honest, but I don’t think our America...

Uber, Lyft aren’t going away, but transportation commission might be


By now, it should be clear that nouveau taxi operators Uber and Lyft have no intention of playing by the Public Transportation Commission’s rules. They makes their own rules in the 300 or so cities and 59 c...

Strike up the choir! Tax collector’s new office helps Drew Park comeback


It must have been a little strange around the neighborhood Monday morning in Drew Park. I doubt the good people there expected to hear a full-throated and enthusiastic choir singing loud and proud. They especially would...

Campaign spending is free speech? C’mon! It’s anything but free


Toby Neugebauer is a billionaire from Texas, co-founder of Quantum Energy Partners, a private equity firm from Houston. He gave $10 million to a Super PAC designed to further Ted Cruz’s presidential ambitions.

When did being civil become sign of political weakness?


“Trump May Be Our Last Hope To Shut Up The Politically Correct.”

Time to put stop sign up for Tampa’s red-light cameras

- Joe Henderson says he’s never gotten a “notice of violation” demanding he fork over $158, so his disapproval over red light cameras isn’t personal. He says they are nothing more than a big cash g...

Keeping war with Elia alive does no one any good


Oh no, not again.

This GOP debate certainly was no “little snoozer”


One of what seemed like 275 Republican presidential debates in 2012 was right here at the University of South Florida, and it was terrible. A complete bore. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele called it “a little s...

Bucs should be red-faced over this one

- Football is the most popular sport in the United States, Joe Henderson writes, yet he’s not sure if the Bucs are aware that a lot of those fans are women. Rather than trying to woo them with a misguided marketing pla...

Flooding shows how much Tampa needs stormwater fee increase

- Infrastructure and stormwater runoff aren’t sexy topics, but Joe Henderson thinks it’s safe to say the subject has our attention now. Doing nothing to address our flooding issues no longer is an option.

Looking for someone to step up in crowded GOP field? Consider Kasich


Donald Trump has sucked most of the oxygen from the room for the 15 other Republicans running for president, but it’s early. Assuming the fascination with Trump is tempered when voters begin taking the campaign mo...

Planned Parenthood abortion tussle misses the bigger picture

- Opponents are so fixed on their hatred for Planned Parenthood, Joe Henderson warns, that they ignore that the majority of its services are for things like cancer screenings, contraception, and breast and gynecological exams...

Hillsborough school board kept its eye on the prize


It always seemed strange to me that public schools were so eager to suspend problem students. Some of those suspensions were for relatively minor offenses that fell under those zero-to...

‘Go Hillsborough’ supporters promised to listen, and they have


Coaxing people to willingly pay higher taxes is always a tough sell, but it can be done if the need is legitimate and the public feels like proponents are shooting straight.

We sent you there to govern, so govern!


I’m not picking on Hillsborough County Commissioner Stacy White here.

It’s time to let Pete Rose back in baseball


The Baseball Hall of Fame inductions came and went Sunday, and once again Pete Rose was not among those enshrined. It doesn’t matter that he has more hits than anyone who ever played, or appeared in more games tha...

Trump has sprouted from seeds that have been growing for years

- Did Republicans really think no one was paying attention to all the fertilizer they have been spreading for years? Now, GOP candidates can’t get anyone to pay attention to any serious ideas because they’ve un...

Charlie Crist may be front-runner, but he still has miles to go

- If the political gods ever seemed lined up in Charlie Crist’s corner, it is now. District 13 could be redrawn, giving him a clear shot at replacing outgoing David Jolly. But not so fast, Joe Henderson warns.

A microcosm of our times right there on front page


The front page of Thursday’s Metro section in your Tampa Tribune was a microcosm of how critical issues facing our community are intertwined.

Happy birthday to Dr. Pat, and a salute to his amazing life


I know one thing for sure. This column will be incomplete. The life of Gerald “Pat” Patterson can’t be fully captured in the space I have. Saturday is his 90th birthday — born on the Fourth of...

There’s no room for error on death row

- While so many would like to see swift justice for prisoners on death row, Joe Henderson cautions about those who may wrongly be accused. The number of overturned cases in the state gives reason for pause.