1/24/97 -- 5:28 PM

Ten-cent Calls,0146

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - The days of pumping a dime into a pay phone and calling across town are coming to an end in New England.

Nynex announced Friday it would raise its pay phone rates in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts to a quarter under provisions of last year's sweeping federal telecommunications law.

The increase will be the first at pay phones in the three states in more than 40 years.

``Penny candy is hard to find these days, too,'' said Larry Lackey of Vermont's Public Service Department.

New telecommunications rules mean pay telephone rates are essentially deregulated.

Besides Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, only Arkansas is still at a dime. All other states are at least 25 cents and some are as high as 35 cents.

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