1/24/97 -- 1:15 PM

Dollar-Gold, 1st Ld-Writethru, f0006,0205

LONDON (AP) - The dollar fell against most major currencies in late European trading Friday. Gold prices also fell.

In London, the dollar was quoted in late trading at 119.03 Japanese yen, down from 119.40 late Thursday, and 1.6295 German marks, down from 1.6363.

At midday in New York, the dollar was worth 119.07 yen and 1.6301 marks.

Other late dollar rates in Europe, compared with late Thursday:

-1.4112 Swiss francs, down from 1.4150

-5.4973 French francs, down from 5.5080

-1.8280 Dutch guilders, down from 1.8355

-1590.73 Italian lire, down from 1597.00

-1.3482 Canadian dollars, up from 1.3418

The British pound was quoted at $1.6282, up from $1.6235 late Thursday. In New York, the pound fetched $1.6285 at midday.

Other dollar rates at midday in New York included: 1.4055 Swiss francs, 5.4890 French francs, 1590.50 lire, and 1.3486 Canadian dollars.

Gold in London closed at $353.00 per troy ounce, up from $349.00 late Thursday.

In Zurich, the late bid price was $353.00, up from $348.55 late Thursday.

Silver traded in London at $4.91 a troy ounce, up from $4.85 a troy ounce late Thursday.

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